Monday, November 28, 2005

Banana --The most under-rated fruit

This is a tribute to one of nature's most under-rated and neglected fruit, namely Banana. Our eyes fall on this fruit in the stall, only when our pocket is down to its last fiver, and at other times when our pocket is full, this poor banana is lost sight of, and costly fruits such as apple, orange, grapes etc reach our eyes.

It is said that, of all the health benefits of banana which are so many, research has shown evidence to this fruit's protection against high blood pressure, high cholestrol, heart disease and even heart strokes. Banana is one of the best natural sources of potassium, which mineral is crucial to keep blood pressure under check. Bananas are again a best source for vitamin B6 and B1 and an average banana has more vitamin B6 packed in it than any other fruits. Deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to skin and nervous disorders. For women, vitamin B6 is a special boon, since! it can relieve symptoms of pre-menstrual tension like irritability, headache, water retention, depression etc. And if one is pregnant, bananas are the fruit of choice to tackle morning sickness. Bananas have the effect of tonics too. The fruit can pep up one, if he is moody or depressed.

More than anything else, banana has antacid properties. Its natural alkaline qualities neutralise the over-acid condition in the stomach. It also forms a protective lining, particularly in the walls of the stomach, which keeps off acidic condition affecting the stomach. It helps to fight stomach bacteria, one of the chief causes for stomach ulcer. Hence bananas are now recommended, not just for heartburn and hyperacidity but also for chronic ulcers.

The carbohydrate content in banana estimated at 20 to 25 percent combined with high fibre content and the high level of vitamin C, make it a complete energy food. The potassium in it helps to boost concentration and memory. It is said that Bjorn Borg, the world famous Wimbledon Tennis star has been seen eating a big yellow banana during the little time available when a game is over. May be because it keeps the muscles toned up and prevents cramps, acting as a sportsman's friend. No wonder Bjorn Borg is very fond of this humble fruit.
So, eat banana to stay healthy and feel happy. Also remember to keep banana always as a must in your home


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