Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Foodand Health

According to me, food is not a subject one can so easily talk of or write about. Health can start or end with the quality and quantity of food one eats. These days the quality of food one consumes is radically wrong. It is so wrong that people generally are digging their grave with their teeth. This column is not for dogmatising on matters of diet. The opinion of some of the experts and experienced dieticians and medical men in certain cases should serve as guide-line for one to decide as to what type of food one should have. In a nut-shell if I may say, an intelligently chosen, well-balanced food will be the strongest friend, one should have with him in his fight against illness and to keep it at bay. When however the art and science of eating itself becomes uncontrolled,unplanned and unmindful of the functions and limitations of the human body, such type of eating themselves become the root cause of many ills and maladies and and can be termed as a crime in the fullest sense of the word, against health. From: T.S.Sundaram


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