Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Must read...

We come to hear from persons of complimentary words and nasty remarks at times for our actions.They are two sides of the same coin. Good words on us we forget soon , but nasty ones remain indelible in our mind for quite some time. Contact with people in every walk of life are responsible for this and in our practical life they cannot be avoided. It is only through such man-to-man contcts and mixing up freely with people in this world, that one can form an estimate of himself and his capacity. However a word of caution here is that, there are people readier in this world to take measure of the capacity of others than of themselves.Coming to criticisms and remarks -good or bad,and complimentary words,they have all to be taken in the right spirit, in the right manner with the sole object of correcting ourselves if they are bad and improving further if they are not derogatory. He who thinks himself already too wise to learn from others, will never thrive in life and succeed in doing anything ,either good or great. With such a thinking in him, he is apt to become conceited,puffed-up,claiming too much and arrogant. One should not fall in this trap


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