Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Breathing.

To all my friends in this column: I feel very light today. So I shall talk in a lighter vein , again on Yoga , but on one of its limbs namely "Breathing". Yoga and breathing go together. What I am going to say is something which I read in an article on yoga some time back and you may all laugh at it. It however conveys a lot of sense and meaning though it look silly at the first reading, Here it goes on, "On Breathing". Breathing is a continuos process from the time of one's birth to death. With foresight, when Yogis, thousands of years ago gifted us with Yoga and laid down rules and methods for ideal yoga practice, they have done similar systems and procedures for breathing also. This being so,it is my personal opinion and wild thinking that these yogis would have also advised us to breathe slowly as though at our birth we have been alloted a certain number of respirations, and also cautioned us that our life would last till the capital number of respirations come to an end. Had we known this magic figure at the time of birth and inherited the belief of using breathing spareingly,how careful we would have been to breath slowly and lengthen the duration of our life! Better late than never,I think one can get in touch with a yoga teacher and learn yogic breathing, even now along with yoga. There is no doubt that to breathe is to live, and to breathe slowly is to live long, and enjoy good health. This small write -up is something in a lighter vein and not to invite comments. So no comments please in these columns. These few lines are only to lay stress on the importance of correct breathing. From: T.S.Sundaram.


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