Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On Longevity.

In "The Hindu Business Line" dated Sunday,November 6,2005 there is a news item appearing, on the above topic which I am sure will interest all readers, and arouse their curiosity to read it, as the subject is on Longevity..It is a fact that nobody in the world knows how long he or she is going to live. However the latest information on one's life is that, he is going to live longer than he thinks. According to the Data from the American Society of Actuaries, a 65 year old man today has a 50 per cent chance to be alive at age 85 and a 25 per cent chance of making it to 92. A 65 year old woman has a 50 per cent chance of being alive at 88 and a 25 per cent chance of living to 94. To achieve this, one has also to play his part in maintaining good health which however in the present day is exceedingly wearing, though to keep up the high standard of one's health is one's birth right. The noise, the excitement,the hurry,the competition,irregular working hours, hard and tough study,anxieties,worries,lack of proper food,and last but not the least, lack of physical exercise, make a heavy toll on the constitution of one, resulting in the break-down of health of a person. One can certainly be unaffected by these evils of modern civilization and try for his life getting stretched, if one should practice "Sudarshan Kriya" daily and enjoy its power, along with pranayam and yoga, and also take care of the diet and make use of the sunshine and open air. All these will certainly pave the way to win the trinity of life essentials, namely Health, Efficiency and Longevity. From: T.S.Sundaram.


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