Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On Potato

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Burning problem: First of all,let me tell all readers that I am not a Doctor. However, when I saw this week's title as "GERD: Your burning questions answered", I thought I must write a few lines about my own experience, to the benefit of all readers of this column who have acidity problem. Apart from starch, potato has good amount of protein of high biological value.It also contains substantial amount of alkaline salts and is also rich in vitamins A&B.One of the best alkalizing drinks is Potato water. It is therefore very helpful in maintaining the alkali reserve of the body and is a natural antidote for excess of acid or acidosis.It is said that it prevents the fermentation process in the intestine and it also helps the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Whenever a dish is prepared from potato,let not that water in which the potato has been cooked be thrown away, but drink that potato water.One who has problem with acidity can try this suggestion. Wash the potato well to remove dirt, mud, etc sticking to it . Cut into two pieces. Do not remove the skin and cook/steam it with water.Take out the water and drink it. Make it a regular practice. Your stomach problem should disappear.Potato water is harmless and so one need not hesititate to drink it . Give it a fair trial and let all of us know about your experience. The reason for not removing the skin is because ,the most nutritive part of the potato lies just below the skin and this particular layer is very rich in protein and mineral salts.Wish you all the best. From: T.S.Sundaram.


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