Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yoga and Breathing.

Yoga and breathing: In performing Yogic exercises, correct breathing is absolutely essential to produce maximum benefits. Yoga and breathing are like Siamese Twins. In-separables they are. There is a lot of difference between the breathing habits of a skilled yoga practitioner and that of one who is not initiated to yoga. The difference lies entirely in the method and its practice. Correct yogic breathing is the first essential for a healthy life. It improves circulation of blood,develops the chest, frees the lungs of its toxins, stimulates the brain, steadies the nerves and gives a feeling of control and poise to the body. It is therefore necessary that one taking to yoga should get trained from a qualified teacher to learn particularly the correct breathing techniques and gain the desired end. Books cannot replace qualified teachers and the yoga postures are not a rope-dancer's antics. Breath is Life and to breathe is to live. With practice of Yoga one can control it and make an art of it beneficial to the body. The reward which awaits one who does yoga regularly according to the instructions of his teacher/guru will be beyond price. From:T.S.Sundaram.


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