Saturday, December 24, 2005

Modern Living.

Modern Living.
Very often people say that the present day living is exceedingly
and exhausting. The situation created is partly manmade. The noise, the
excitement, the hurry in everything, the competition, irregular hours,
the laborious, difficult and strenuous system of present day education
of children, anxieties, worry, lack of nutritious and proper food, and
last but not the least- lack of physical exercise, make a heavy tax on
the constitution of a person , soon resulting in a breakdown of health.
Some causes are no-doubt unavoidable. What then can be a sure remedy
for maintaining a good health ? One can be unaffected by these evils of
modern civilization, if one snatches a few minutes daily and perform
Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation regularly, takes care of his diet
proper and nutritious food,and makes liberal and proper use of the God
given Sunshine and Open air.
From: T.S.Sundaram.


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