Monday, December 26, 2005

ON our Religion

Well said!

Shri. Krishnamurthy Suresh's commentary
should really set us thinking. We Iyers certainly need
to introspect and look into ourselves. Cassius tells
Brutus in the great Shakespeare play on Julius Caesar,

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings." Likewise,
let us not keep blaming others for many of our own

Our religion is a treasurehouse of teaching on how we
should lead our lives. Purusha Suktam is an example.
Let's be honest-how many really read or care to follow
the teachings. Let us not worry too much about the
past as it is gone and cannot be undone. At least, let
us take care of the present and set examples on
leading honest value-based hindu life styles. It is
also true that our forefathers were respected in
communities for their honesty, integrity, knowledge,
tolerance and religious pursuits.

Religion gets
stregthened by the way its followers set examples. On
this auspicious day of Deepavali, let each of us
resolve to do our bit!

Wishing "Happy Diwali" to all fellow-members and their

Dr. S.Subramanian,

Mr Krishna murthy ,
Now that you seem to have studied the Purush Sukta , you will also find that the Purusha Sukta also says that the vedas (rigveda included) are the breath of Bhagavan...Viz: the vedas have not been created also by Lord Narayana , when he was lying on shesh nag (or Shiva or Brahma) but they always existed ...there is no time frame at all for the vedas....You cannot slot them as being in a particular time period.....

There is no such thing as rig vedic times ..there are 4 yugas ..period .....
Now , How much of the Rig veda Bhashya have you studied ?...

You have said "Hidden in a lot of muk ".......You did not quantify the same ....Shall we put the quantity of muck in the Rig Veda at 80% or shall we make it 95 % ???
when Adi Shankara established the 4 mutts , he also assigned one veda to each mutt (he included the rig veda also ) as to ensure that this "muck" is passed on from generation to generation....adi shankara was lord Dakshinamurthy incarnate dumb of him ...

"We have to realise that much of rig-veda is about cowherds "......what is that ??????????? Again you fail to quantify the same ....Can we again assume that the figure will lie at around 80 %.....
"Soma is an intoxicating drink" ?????..... the rishis used to drink that on saturday nights and get high ????
"It is more likely that many people composed useless verses" the 1st paragraph once again one has composed a single verse....
"rather than singing prise of the old scriptures without even making an attempt to read and understand them"........making an attempt to read and understand scriptures applies to you also ...
"to create a caste system" the Bhangavad gita & uddhav gita carefully ..Lord Krishna very very clearly states that he created the caste system and justifies the same ..also he lays down rules for emergency situations ...
"Adi shankara opposed the caste system" .......where did u get that ??? ???
"much of what is practiced in the Sankar Mutts in the country today are all very much different from what Adi Sankara stood for, be it untouchability or status of women in society, or even pursuit of knowledge".........which mutt r u referring to ??????how closely have u studied these mutts ???? Don't make sweeping statements if you dont have hard facts to prove the same......
And lastly , the sastras say that we have 4 mothers's physical mother 2.vedas 3. cow 4. goddess Parvati....

Please refrain from insulting my mother again ...

Mr Krishnamurthy seems to be confused over our Hindu religion. Moreover, he has a closed mind. Let him read Swami Vivekananda or Aravinda or Ramana Maharishi for a modern thinking of our great religion. Let him not have narrow and ritualistic thinking of a few of our forefathers who confused from castes and 4 varnas as propounded by Lord Srikrishna in Geetha.

K. Sanckar,

Dear Mr.Krishnamurthy,

While I do concur most of your writings,I wonder how can you say that muslim is not responsible for damaging Hinduism.You and I did not live in those age.But the fact remains that muslim kings systamatically destroyed our temples and constructed their majid.History gives the fact.

So also the british people destroyed hindus and hinduism.
We cannot blame our forefathers and grand fathers for the astrocities committed by muslims.

Even today they continue and latest blasts in Delhi is the proof taking the lives of innocent people.

Let us not close our eyes for the happenings now as well as happened then.

Meena Balasubramanian,


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