Saturday, December 24, 2005


PRAYER is a tool to prepare us for religious pursuits. It is a means to prepare us for Meditation. Mind is the seat of all feelings, emotions etc. and having got entangled in wordly pursuits, it is having a materialistic texture and makes us forget our real nature. Prayer can be done by loud or silent method. The normal tools of prayer are Slokaas, Songs, Japa on a Naama, Nama Sankeerthana etc. All these methods are leading us to concentration on a particular object and gives a direction to the Mind, which is always wavering and jumping from one thought to another. Mind is an abstract thing which is nothing but a budle of thoughts, rising from Vaasanaas. Once we pay attention to any thought, we get a desire and once we attend to it, we would like to possess or achieve something and once we achieve, we cling on to it and get attached and do not want to loose. If failed, we get dejected. Mind thus gives effects of opposites - good, bad, sorrow, pleasure, happy, angry etc. We thus entangle ourselves with emotional breakdowns and loose our equilibrium. Prayer helps to bring back the peqceful state and keep us well balanced in our transactions. In short, Prayer can be defined as:

Purifies our Mind by making it calm & peaceful.
Removes negative tendencies like ama,Krodha,Lobha, Moha, Madha,Maatsarya ,Ego.
Annihilates Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Emotional upsets, Anger, Laziness etc.
Yields compassion, Daya, Love, Bhakthi, Shraddha, Peace, Calmness etc.
Enlightens us on Vedantic Values and Cultural Heritage.
Realisation tool.


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