Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sandhya Vandhan Pranayamam. How to do it.

Whenever you do Praanaayaamam it should be in this methos 1+2+4. During Sandhya Vandanam, before Gayathrio Japam, after Pranayama Aavahanam you have to do 10 Praanaayaamams. Each time it should be 1+2+4 o/e/ 1+2+4x10. Not only this, whenever we do Praanaayaamam, whether once or more, this method may be followed for better result. This gives your lungs enough expansion and strength and regulates the air passage and increases your retention power.

The best method of calculation of this mathraas can be done this way:

Om Bhoohu............Oghm Sathyam (Poorakam)
Om Thatsa Vithu..............Dhiyoyona Prachoothayaathu .(Kumbhakam)
Omaapaha ..................Boorbhuvaswarom (Rechakam)

You must approximately keep the first one at one mathra and then the second double the time or earlier and the third one double the time of second or four times of first mathra. This gives a very good effect in your blood system and lung functioning. You also feel a heat inside. This way it is healthy.


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