Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Seven Mukthi Sthalaas in Tulu Nadu ( Karnataka )

The seven mukti sthalaas in North and South Canara districts:
Raupyapeedha Udupi
Kumaaraadri Subrahmanyam
Kumbhasi Kumbhasi
Dwajeswara Koteswar
Kruda Sankaranarayana
Gokarna Gokarnam
Mookaamba Kollur
From Gokarnam in the north of Tulunadu to Subrahmanyam in the south is a distance of about 320 Kms Gokarnam is in the north,while udupi,subrahmanyam etc are in the south.Gokarnam is in the region of about 160Kms to north of Udupi and Subrahmanyam about 160 Kms to the south.
It is probable that the name Udupi is derived from sanskrit..Udu (star) pa (lord),lord of stars viz,Moon. There is however no authentic record for this.
The Udupi temple for Gopalakrishna attracts thousands of devotees right through the year,Unique feature in this temple is that darsan and worship of the Lord by the devotees is done only through a window with nine holes and is called navagraha kitiki.
There is a tradition followed for entry to the shrine of Krishna.First worship Chandramouleeswara,then Ananteswara and then Krishna(am reminded of the tradition followed in Vatakkumnadhan temple in Trichur).
Rajatapitaapurey amaraalaya dwayam vartatey
tatra poorvaalayasthaha pradhamato namyaha
paschimaalayasthaha paschaat namya
iti sampradaaya niyamaha
Two temples on the eastern and western sides. Siva in the east first,then Ananta in the west.
As soon as entry is made to the temple,a statue of Chenna Kesava,a form of Vishnu is seen.Where the statue now stands was the original entrnace to Sanctum Sanctorum.This entrance was used, for the priests to go in and do poojas.This entrance was closed during second half of last century to avoid pilgrims entering into Sanctum Sanctorum. This entrance is opened only on Vijaya Dasami day now. On this day the chief priest enetrs through this door and the nine sacred corns are taken in to the shrine for fresh harvest feast.
When pooja is performed in Sanctum Sanctorum, homam is done in a small room called Anuyaaga Saaley. A golden palanquin is there in front of this room.In Soorya Saaley vedic chanting is done.
What is known as Chinnada Kone has all the jewels offered during the seven century stay of the Lord in Udupi, right from those given by emperor of Vijayanagara to those by kings of erstwhile princely State of Mysore.
To the right of Krishna is an icon of Venu Gopalakrishna.
There is an Akshaya Paatra with a ladle presented by Madhwa himself with blessings that Annadaanam would continue for ever in the temple.
Cows have free access and freedom of movement in the precincts.
Udupi is accessible by road from Mangalore and Bangalore.Possibly there is air and rail connection.
For accommodation:Janardana Mahakali temple,Ambalpadi Guest house phone20871
Hotel Ramakrishna 23189,23190
Telephone numbers might have changed.
Udupi temple has about 14 daily pujas from morning to evening.


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