Saturday, December 24, 2005

Y O G A>

More about yoga

I agree with the views of Sri. Narayanaswamy. No more history or debate.
For the kind attention of Mr. Ramani and Sri. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy. Sirs, it may not be proper or perfect or even useful for anyone to get the list of asanas or instruction on how to do it with illustrations. Fordoing any of the asanas, one has to first learn it under a master and then for practice can make use of books. I am trying to collect literature and books and would recommend details later. For the time being just practice those of the asanas that have been taught by the Master.
It is preferable to do Yoga after bathing in the Morning though any time is ok.
The things to remember are 1) Never try to do asanas as given in an illuistration or shown in TV. Most asanas require practice and there is an order from the simple ones to more complicated ones. starting from the ones done in a standing posture, then sitting, then lying down and then bending ones.2) to attain the perfect end posture, a lot of practice is necessary and trying them straightaway may do more harm than good.3) Stop asanas if you get pain or strain and relax.4) Dont take food atleast one hour befor and after doing them. Try to do them in an open area facing east.If there is a nearby group with a master that would always be better.
Rest later


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